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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ASS NAPKIN’S & PET BABY relationship ?


Howard got Ass Napkin Ed and Debbie the Amazing Pet Lady to discuss their fledgling relationship: “Apparently they’re a couple.” Debbie said they weren’t a couple: “I don’t know what we are right now, Howard.” Ed said he and Debbie recently got together--and hooked up without using protection: “I might’ve got her pregnant.” Debbie confirmed: “I got a little buzzed and I was a little excited and we got a little carried away.”

Debbie had high hopes for her relationship with Ed: “We’re going to get married. And he’s coming back to stay with me in a couple weeks. He’s moving in with me.” Howard was blown away: “This is unbelievable...this is some romance.” Debbie doubted Ed would be able to endure 3 days in her house (“I find that very hard to believe.”) but said she’d try to make his stay a good time: “We’ll go to McDonald’s. We’ll go to all the fun places out here.”
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