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Monday, January 10, 2011

DOES SARAH PALIN SHARE THE BLAME? what's howads thougts ?


While they were on the topic of public figures blindly dedicated to the Republican agenda, Howard thought a graphic on Sarah Palin’s Website shared some of the blame for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: “[Palin] lists Congresspeople who are against guns...each person on the map here--like for example, here’s her name: Gabrielle Giffords. These are people ‘in the crosshairs.’ And you can see there’s a big giant scope.” [Don’t bother trying to see this for yourself, this content has been taken off her Website]

Gary shook his head at the graphic’s sub-head: “It says, ‘Don’t retreat. Reload.’” Howard loved the irony: “I like when Sarah Palin gets all upset with David Letterman, ‘David Letterman said something about my daughter!’” Howard thought she needed to be stronger: “This woman wants to be President of the United States? If she becomes President of the United States, we’re f’ed. She’s a loon. She’s about as credible as the golden-voiced homeless guy.”
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The crew listened to viral video star Ted Williams reuniting with his ‘mommy,’ a word that made Howard’s skin crawl: “You want this guy working at the radio station with you? [...] What’s with the mommy thing? He’s 53-years-old.” Robin said it was still too early to call Ted’s Cinderella story: “We have [yet] to see if any of these supposed job offers actually pan out.” Howard nodded: “And if they do, how long he lasts.”


Gary told Howard that the show had sent (former intern) Steve Grillo to the AVN Awards to do red carpet intereviews over the weekend and had to field Steve’s bullshit all weekend long, including media pass requests for Steve’s wife, his friend and someone else. Steve even managed to complicate the simple delivery of a digital recorder--and then turned in an entire tape of over-modulated interviews: “We set it so that all he’d have to do was turn it he must’ve--” Howard shook his head: “You can’t understand a thing this kid did, Gary. Enough with him, OK? [...] What a waste.”

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