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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Lupe returns On The Howard Stern Show

'Little' Lupe Fuentes returned to show Howard her new (smaller) boob job: "Too big before." Robin thought Lupe's new breasts helped her look younger: "She actually looks 13 today." Howard told Lupe her new boobs matched his tiny penis, but Lupe was confused: "I don't believe you. I bet you have big--big huge cock." Robin laughed that Howard might have found his match: "She's a little girl. It might look big to her."

Lupe explained that she had to act larger than her 79lb frame when she lures other women into her bedroom, often commanding them: "Suck my pussy, bitch...all the girls suck my pussy." During these sex sessions, both of her dogs have to be locked away in an upstairs bedroom--where one recently died. The dog that survived has quite a future planned: "Her name is Lolita and she wants to become a porno star."

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Howard asked Lupe how she felt about the BP oil spill, but Lupe was only peripherally aware of it: "What is that? The thing in the ocean?" Lupe said her interests weren't in the news: "I want my life to be party, f’ing, meeting girls, party." Lupe has come to expect nothing less: "I am a porno star. You have to have a huge cock
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