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Monday, April 12, 2010

Donald Trump Visits Howard Stern


Donald Trump called in to promote the latest season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and Howard asked if he was shocked when celebrities agreed to appear on a show that rarely makes them look good. Donald said he was "a little surprised" that some of the contestants signed on, but thought most of them had something to prove: "You see how hard they're a certain extent, it's to protect their brand."
Donald added that 'Celebrity Apprentice' didn't always have a negative impact on the contestants' careers, citing season 7's runner-up, country singer Trace Adkins, as an example. After his appearance on the show, Trace scored his biggest hit: "He said, 'You know, Mr. Trump, before I met--before I did this show, I couldn't get a ticket to the Country Music Awards. And now I'm hosting them.'"


Trump said Jesse James, another past contestant on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' was "really tough and he was really smart." But he seemed strange: "I used to ask him, 'What the hell does Sandra Bullock see in you?'" Donald said Jesse lost, in part because he refused to enlist his wife's help: "He really seemed to love Sandra, but he never brought her on the show." Donald said things might've gone differently if Jesse had: "He would've won...I thought he was very protective of her. Probably--in retrospect--he was probably screwing around and didn't want to have her around."
Howard wondered how Donald managed to stay faithful--Donald had an answer ready: "You have to be in love with somebody." Donald later added: "It's always good to be busy."


Donald told the crew that--like Howard--his controversial persona actually contributed to his success: "If you get good ratings, you can be the worst human being on Earth." Donald dovetailed the statement with a much more dubious claim, attributing the success of his outsized media presence to his good looks: "I honestly believe it's because I'm a very handsome guy."


Howard asked Donald how it felt to see Ivanka marry a Jewish guy, but Donald stonewalled him: "He's a great guy." Howard later wondered if Donald had worn a yarmulke--as tradition dictates--at the ceremony, and Donald denied it: "It's not a big is possible one slipped on my head for a while." Robin asked if a "country club guy" like Donald was happy to have a Jewish son-in-law: "You're used to banning these people." Donald laughed it off: "I'm happy with her decision."


Despite a relatively tame appearance, Trump broke his 'nice Donald' facade when Howard mentioned Rosie O'Donnell: "She's a loser. I mean she doesn't have much talent."
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