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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sal"s loves pee videos!

Howard noted that Sal's favorite porn was “Dr. Piss,” which confused the crew, so Sal came in to describe his favorite scene: a guy pees into a Supersoaker watergun and then sprays a girl until it's empty. Sal added that he wasn't into humiliating women - he's just into women who like submitting to humiliation. Sal continued, describing the best part of his second favorite scene: “When the lady can't breathe. When its in her eyes and wants the cameras to stop...When she has to 'tap out' almost.” SAL'S PEE-POWERED “HEALTHY VENTING” (Thurs)Howard played a clip from “Dr. Piss,” one of Sal's favorite piss-mop films, and openly doubted whether the girl in the video was even good-looking. Sal came in to say the girl in the clip was “smoking hot. She looks like Sheila E.” Sal also insisted that most guys who've seen a piss video end up liking them: “I just happen to get off slightly [on them].” Sal called the clips (and the accompanying parody songs about beating his wife) “just healthy venting.”
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