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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reverend Bob Levy speaks his crazy mind !

THE IRREVERENT REVEREND Howard noted that Gary recently turned down the Reverend Bob Levy for an appearance on the show, as they like to space out frequent guests’ appearances, but Bob was so angered, he used his time on last night's “Miserable Men (Ferrall Fill-in) Show” to complain loudly about it. Howard backed up Gary's decision, saying the show does nothing but plug Bob's projects. Artie and Gary agreed that Bob already had more access to the show than any other comic. Tim Sabean came in to say Bob's rant was pre-meditated, and when Tim told him to re-think it, Bob ignored him. Howard then mandated that “everything” be taken away from Bob: all the Fred-read plugs at the end of the show, “The Miserable Men Show” and the roast-hosting gig. Artie asked Howard to reconsider banning Bob, but Howard refused: “No. When you say 'F’ Gary,' you're saying 'F’ Howard.' Gary's my guy.” LEVY GROVELS HIS WAY BACK IN Bob finally called in to defend himself and sounded a lot more subdued than he did on last night's show. Bob started digging himself deeper, citing specific deals he'd made with the show, and Artie tried to stop him: “You don't have to leave it like this, Bob.” Howard said, “I'm too nice a guy...I give him huge one really respects me.” Bob then apologized to Gary: “I was angry at the time. If you feel like I said something wrong I apologize.”
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