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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anal ring toss Game !

ANAL RING TOSS WILL LISA G TOSS FOR AN INVITE? Howard asked Lisa G if she would play Lord of the Anal Rings against Artie. The prize? An invitation to the Stern-Ostrosky wedding. But if she lost, she'd have to open up about the last guy she slept with. Lisa insisted that she should be invited anyway as a reporter for the Howard100 News, but Howard shot back that, by decree, Howard100 News’ reporters were now banned from the event. Lisa was hesitant: “I just don't feel that comfortable playing Anal Ring Toss...I think it would be fun, but I'll take a pass.” MEET A.J., MISS ANAL RINGS Howard welcomed A.J. Morgan, the Anal Ring Toss girl, to the studio and noted that she had been here before - with her old (real) boobs – to play Anal Ring Toss with the Iron Sheik. AJ told the crew that she's come to love having sex with a butt plug inserted, but before she porn star Chester the Molester, she'd never even considered anal sex. Howard wondered how AJ avoided “accidents” while filming an anal scene, so she explained that she'll go get a “professional anal douche,” an hour-long multi- douche process, also known as an enema. AJ further claimed she could lactate on demand, which Howard obviously wanted to see, so AJ promptly gave Sal's coffee a couple squirts. Steve the Host of the Intern Show came in to play against Artie, so Howard gave him his terms: a win will get him a wedding invitation, but if he loses, he'll have to take ten strong whiffs of Sal's recently evacuated ass. Steve refused the terms, so Howard turned to to Will and Jason: both also declined to accept. Richard then came in and surprised no one by accepting the terms - but only if his girlfriend could come along as his date to the wedding. Howard agreed and told AJ to “prepare the playing field,” adding that AJ would announce each successful toss with a queef. THE ONE TRUE LORD OF THE ANAL RINGS Artie made 3 out of 7 tosses, but Richard quickly trumped him, making his first four tosses in a row. Howard congratulated Richard on his win – and prize – but Richard promised to go through with his punishment anyway: “I know everyone's disappointed.” Sal then bent over and Richard burrowed in with his nose and began sniffing. Richard began gagging and yelling, “Sal's flexing that hemorrhoid. It's the most vile thing I've ever seen.” AJ went in for a whiff as well, and when she got close, Sal tried to fart but went a little too far.
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