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Monday, April 7, 2008

Artie & High Pitch Mike Playing elementary name Games

BEWARE OF THE EXPLODING MIKE Dr. Keith Ablow stopped by to help some staff members through their interpersonal conflicts, and Howard kicked things off by explaining Artie's problem with High Pitch Mike. Mike then came in to say the feud started after Artie called him a f----t “over a dozen times,” but he said Dr. Ablow's expertise could be put to better use with the feuds between Jason and Scott DePace or JD and Jared, as those pairs at least have a chance at one day sitting down for a beer together. Dr. Ablow thought Mike's heart-on-his-sleeve attitude was destined to conflict with Artie, since Artie is a mass of walls and defenses (Mike's near opposite, or relief image). Mike didn't think there was any chance of resolution if Artie wasn’t even willing to resolve his issues with those he loves, like Dana. Dr. Ablow asked Artie why he chose to feud with Mike, but Mike interrupted, saying he wanted to avoid either party being pushed to the point of “exploding.” “ONLY COMPLIMENTS, DOUCHEBAG!” Robin thought it was interesting that Artie wouldn't let Mike off the hook, but Artie took issue with the characterization: “What, you think I planned this? Being crucified for being witty?” Dr. Ablow asked Mike to say something nice to Artie, so Mike said he thought Artie had a beautiful family and the show was lacking when Artie was out, as Artie's contributes some funny one-liners. In return, Artie would only say he agreed. Robin then speculated that Mike was just repeating a pattern of conflict, as that's the only way he knows how to have a relationship with a bully, and Dr. Ablow advised Mike to continue killing Artie's hostility with kindness. Unfortunately, the pain of stroking the fat man's ego eventually wore Mike down, and his kindnesses began to carry a hint of sarcasm. As Mike's efforts began to falter, Artie cracked up the studio by shouting out: “Only compliments, douchebag!”
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