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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Artie Fired today on the stern show? ( howar stern "s sidekick quits show )

?? more info to follow ! howard stern fired artie today , big fight on the show ! stay tuned! Howard Stern's sidekick quits show April 10, 2008 Sun-Times Staff Reports Comedian Artie Lange quit his 7-year-run as Howard Stern's sidekick during a violent outburst on Thursday's Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast. Lange, who brings his stand-up routine to Waukegan's Genesee Theatre on June 6, had an altercation with his personal assistant in hallways of Stern's studio that made its way on air and nearly became physical before show staffers intervened. » Click to enlarge image Comedian Artie Lange quit his role on the Howard Stern show.( The former "MadTV" star couldn't assure Stern that similar outbursts wouldn't happen again, telling the shock jock: "I'm not a good person ... I gotta leave ... I love you" and offered his resignation, which Stern accepted. Lange's battle with drugs and alcohol have been well-chronicled on the show and colleagues have been concerned for his health both on the air and behind the scenes. The New Jersey-based comic, whose weight has reached nearly 300 pounds since Stern's show moved to Sirius in 2006, has often complained about the rigors of the morning show's schedule. On Wednesday, Lange slept through much of Stern's show on a bed set up in studio. Thursday's resignation was not the first time Lange has flirted with quitting the show on-air. In 2007, Lange said he would leave the show for a 6-month sabbatical to "dry out," only to return along with the rest of crew after the show's week-long summer break. Fans will have to wait and see if Lange's announced resignation will hold this time. Stern's show does not broadcast live on Friday and will be on vacation next week.
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