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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kid Rock promote new album, ‘Rebel Soul" Howard Stern Show


Kid Rock stopped by to promote his new album, ‘Rebel Soul,’ but Howard was more interested in the number of times he’d married Pam Anderson. “Four. I’ve said it a million times: getting married is a f***ing blast. I’ve never had more fun than getting married. Being married sucks ass.” Kid says his responsibilities prevented a fifth: “It started to affect my son. When I saw it affect him, then I was like, ‘That’s it. I’m out.’ That’s the bottom line.”

Kid said he and his son were out of place in Malibu. During his son’s orientation at Malibu High, Kid found himself sitting behind Kenny G: “This was so into outer space.” And his son was really shaken up after his first day: “He said, ‘All these kids do here is ride skateboards and do drugs.’ And I go, ‘Hey! Hey. Look at me. Stay off those skateboards.’”


Asked about his new beer company, Bad Ass, Kid said he’d started it when Budweiser and the other major beer companies “sold the f’ out at a time when this country needed them most.” As they all sold off to foreign conglomerates, Kid saw an opportunity: “I was just like, ‘Can’t we make anything in this f***ing country?’ … I know about music and I know about f***ing alcohol.”


Kid told Howard that he voted for Mitt Romney after Mitt stopped by his house to ask for his support: “Just me, Mitt Romney and one of the aides.” After a secret service sweep, Mitt sat at Kid’s table--and Kid whipped out a pad and paper: “I said, ‘I want to ask you some f***ing questions.’” The experience was one he’ll never forget: “To think, I started out in this business to get a hot piece of ass and maybe a new car...”


Before he left, Howard went down a list of Kid Rock’s (alleged) conquests, leaving it up to Kid to confirm or deny. Country legend Loretta Lynn: “Of course not.” Model/actress Jaime King: “She’s still a friend.” Sheryl Crow: “Still in love with her. I love her like cornflakes.” Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon: “Nice girl. Classy girl. Wealthy.” Paris Hilton: “That’s false.” Country star Kelly Pickler: “No. She’s like a sister.”


After Kid left, Howard noted that JD was visibly annoyed while Jason spoke during the break, so JD scoffed, turning to Jason: “You had a lot to say during the break.” Jason shot back in kind: “Don’t be jealous that I can just talk and put together a sentence. … He’s got to work [this] out. I didn’t say one word to him.” JD said he was trying (but “Some people’s attitudes I can’t deal with.”), so Jason laughed: “He clearly can’t deal
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