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Monday, November 5, 2012

Bring back electricity - Stern house needs electric back on Long Island ( True Electric Corp ) staten island

Anybody that works for Electric company call the howard stern show and help get his parents electric back on , before Howard stern goes crazy !
The Long Island Power Authority is warning customers about a new nationwide ... The program is meant to save energy and lower electric costs, as well as reduce .... customers and said about 24 percent -- or 125,000 -- have their power back.
Rockaways, Long Beach, and the South Shore Communities Remain a Restoration Priority
(Uniondale, N.Y.) – LIPA and National Grid have restored service to approximately 675,000 customers affected by Hurricane Sandy. From the over one million LIPA customers who lost power due to the super storm that affected eight million electric customers along the east coast, 370,000 customers remain without power. This number includes approximately 100,000 customers in the most severely flooded areas on the south shore, particularly in Long Beach and the Rockaways, where homes and businesses may currently be unable to receive power.
LIPA continues to work around the clock, seven days a week, to restore service as safely and quickly as the situation allows. Nearly 10,000 restoration workers, including 5,200 linemen from throughout the country, continue to work to restore homes and businesses with the expectation of restoring power to 700,000 customers back by the end of this evening. To further support this effort, an additional 1,700 restoration workers arrived last night, with 1,100 workers expected to arrive today. A portion of yesterday’s crews and those who are arriving today, have been airlifted in by the National Guard from as far away as California, Washington and Arizona.
LIPA is on track to have 90% of all customers back online by Wednesday, November 7th with tens of thousands of customers being restored daily. Of the remaining customers to be restored we:
  • continue to restore power to customers in the most severely damaged areas in and around Brookville, St. James and Port Jefferson, and we are advising customers that they should plan for the potential that power restoration could extend a week or more beyond November 7th.
  • currently estimate that there are up to 100,000 customers from the most severely flooded areas on Long Island whose homes and businesses currently may be unable to receive power. LIPA is working with local authorities in those communities to determine when these homes and businesses will be fit to safely receive electric service.The Rockaways, Long Beach, and the south shore of Long Island are communities that were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy and they remain a restoration priority. Safety remains a big concern as many homes and businesses have been flooded severely, which has raised a potential safety risk due to possible water intrusion into the customer owned electric panels, wiring or appliances

The priorities are showing, simply by the fact that Manhattan got their power back," he said, adding that Staten Islanders are used to being Find True Electric Corp in Staten Island, NY“Some power” will be back to Manhattan on Friday, Gov. ... in Manhattan, another 400,000 customers in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island,

New York’s borough of Staten Island suffered some of the city’s worst destruction and its highest death toll from Hurricane Sandy. Now, a week later, many of its residents feel that they have been abandoned as unlimited resources are lavished on restoring Wall Street and the more upper-class areas of Manhattan.

In the absence of adequate aid from the federal, state and city governments, residents of the island borough have banded together to help each other, with many having seen their homes destroyed or flooded, with their furniture piled high in the street for disposal.Emilio Langilotti of Staten Island, who broke his wrist during Hurricane ... Op-Ed Contributor: Learning to Bounce Back (November 3, 2012) ... and where electricity comes from overhead lines — would have to wait “a lot longer
Mark Mejia, a student at City School, was critical of the response to the disaster. He also doubted the official death toll for Staten Island. “There was not enough help out here,” he said. “There were a lot of people volunteering, charitable stuff going on, buses full of carriages loaded with donations, but there are few official efforts.”

At that point, their friend, Kamal Dbajat, a student at Port Richmond High School, showed a picture on his iPhone of a message written on the side of someone’s house that said, “3 days no help. Thanks Bloomberg.”
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