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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Howard stern for Vice “President” ?Governor Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura for USA President


Former Minnesota Governor Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura stopped by to promote his most recent book, ‘DemoCRIPS & RepuBLOODicans: No More Gangs in Government’, saying he supported the (fellow) Navy Seal that spoke about shooting bin Laden on ‘60 Minutes’: “In fact, I would prefer to hear from him. I would rather hear from boots on the ground than bureaucrats in Washington.”

Jesse underlined the point of his book (“I feel like I have a right to know what the government is doing with my money.”), adding that he was against the war “racket”: “[In] every war since I’ve been alive, I do not believe America was threatened. … There are small little pockets of troublemakers. You don’t solve that by invading countries and occupying them.”


Asked how he’d change things, “President” Jesse jumped, hoping Howard would be his running mate: “I would cut all foreign aid...and I would shut our embassies down and come home.” Until then, Jesse will be voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: “Wasting your vote is voting for a Democrat or Republican because it doesn’t matter with them. No matter who wins, you’re going to get the same government. They both been bought by the corporations.”
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