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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Debbie the pet lady visitshoward 1 last time ?


Debbie the Amazing Pet Lady stopped by for (what she claimed was) her final appearance on the show: “I’m not going to get too friendly with you because I’m here to tell you off whether you like it or not.” Debbie’s voice gradually rose to her trademark screech: “It’s a sad day because you f***ed my life up! … Your mortherf***ing show ruined my f***ing ass and you’re going to f***ing hear about it today!”
In her calmer moments, Howard was able to ask Debbie about her history of violent crime (“I stabbed a man, yes.”) and jail time: “The guards ain’t shit, man. And then when you f’ with those guards, that’s--they’re the corrupt ones. … I used to fight with those guards.” She fought so often, they started to catch on: “They stuck me in a psychiatric ward in the prison.” On her way out, Debbie bid Howard goodbye with a gift--an eagle figurine: “You’re supposed to be the King of all Media. Fly like an eagle
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