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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Lupe Meets Sybian & Dave Lampert and howard stern again


Spanish porn star “Little” Lupe Fuentes and Sybian inventor Dave Lampert stopped by to meet over the Sybian. Lupe first had a question for Dave: “Did you invent that? You must be really smart.” Dave said he was just trying to fill a void: “I just realized something like that was needed.” Lupe replied that she had a machine of her own: “My pussy is a machine to make money.”

Howard then had Lupe straddle the Sybian, but she said Dave made her nervous: “What if it’s funny and I start laughing and I don’t come?” Dave instructed Lupe to close her eyes “so she doesn’t think she’s holding on to an old man.” Lupe said it was Dave’s pale skin that really creeped her out: “I like him but I think he’s made out of plastic...if you want to be beautiful, you have to go tanning.”


As Dave fired up the Sybian, Lupe’s teeth made a chattering sound: “I feel it in my face!” Dave walked her through it: “I’m going to do what I think that you want...does that feel good? Go ahead and let it go...let it feel good. Go ahead and f’ it’re doing it. That’s a good thing. Let it go...go ahead and come. Let it come.” Despite Dave’s creepy come-ons, Lupe reached orgasm easily: “I’m coming!” Dave wanted her to go further: “Go ahead and scream if you want to.”

Dave then talked Lupe through a second ride: “Go ahead and f’’re a beautiful girl. Let it go.” Afterward, Lupe was ready for a third: “I can come and come.” Howard laughed: “I think major poison came’re now pregnant with a plastic baby.” Dave talked Lupe through yet another: “You’re going to f’ me hard. You’re going to get all the poison out this time...I’ve got a big penis and I’m f’ing you.” Hilariously, Dave kept flubbing Lupe’s name: “F’ me, Loopy.”
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