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Monday, December 14, 2009

Snoop Dogg Pimps Howard's Wife ( Beth O )

Snoop Dogg stopped by to promote his new album, 'Malice In Wonderland,' and his new SiriusXM channel, Snoop Dogg Nation, on Sirius channel 40 and XM 67. Snoop told the crew his weed-free days were short-lived: "I stopped for about 120 days." Snoop said he was high right now ("Wake and bake.") and smoked anywhere between ten and a hundred joints/blunts a day, thanks to his medical marijuana card (migraines and blurred vision): "If they make it legal you better believe I'm gonna have a shop called Snoopy's and you can come and get some." Howard asked Snoop about attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School at the same time as Cameron Diaz, so Snoop laughed: "She went to a hood school...she was a cheerleader slash, uh...she was very well loved and received. She was cool with all the homies." Snoop said he's since given up on the lifestyle he lived back then: "I've renounced gang-banging...when you get to the age I'm at, you become a mentor...they all want to get to the place where they've 'made it' in life." Snoop answered Howard's questions on his Heathrow dust-up ("They don't let me in London no more. I've been banned...I think they're still living in the 1800s.") and how he relates to Tiger Woods: "You know what Howard? It's and my wife's relationship now is about respect." After the last answer, Robin asked: "Are you telling me that you just hide it now?" Snoop replied that he and his wife had simply reached "the level of respect where I just don't do it anymore." SNOOP PRICES BETH AT $10,000 After telling Howard he'd given up his harem of prostitutes ("I had to shut my operation down and pass it over to [Don] 'Magic' Juan."), Snoop left – and ran into Beth O on his way out. Howard wanted to know how much Snoop would've charged his Johns for a night with her. Snoop called back in with an answer: $10,000 a night.
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