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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

N.Y. Gaints Girl - Miss Howard TV November ( Reby Sky )

MISS HOWARD TV NOVEMBER: REBY SKY welcomed Miss HowardTV December to the studio and introduced her as Reby (short for Rebecca) Sky. Artie was smitten: "That's the hottest chick we've ever had up here." Howard noted that Reby was a lesbian, but Reby took issue: "I wouldn't call myself lesbian but I'm definitely bisexual." Howard disagreed, citing her committed, two-year relationship with another model as proof: "That's pretty lesbo." After learning she'd once been dumped by a 49-year-old dude, Howard wondered: "Why wouldn't he commit to you? You must be nuts." Reby admitted she had a screw loose: "I'm really jealous. That must've played a part in it." Robin was surprised: "She seems so sweet and normal here but she must be hell on wheels the second she walks out that door."
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