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Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Howard TV - November 2009

INTRODUCING NOVEMBER’S MISS HOWARD TV PAULINA SHERWOOD, MISS HOWARDTV NOVEMBER Howard welcomed Paulina Sherwood, November’s Miss HowardTV, to the studio and asked if Tourettes Pete had asked her out in the hall. Paulina said Pete had: "You never know what might happen. Howard laughed: "That's sounds like a no." Robin agreed: "I think we do know what might happen." Howard then asked if she was part Mexican, and she shrugged: "No. Maybe I look Mexican because I'm tan." Paulina said she'd never had an orgasm, despite having sex with at least 5 different guys over the last three years: "I feel something but it's not what people say it is." Benjy also tried his hand at asking Paulina out, promising he'd be the one to finally bring her to climax – and she actually said yes. Despite handing her number over to Benjy, Paulina reserved some doubt about his tongue skills: "You know what? Every guy says that." [Greenroom photos by Doug Goodstein] A CREEPY SYBIAN RIDE Ronnie the Limo Driver came in to speed things up: "She must be dead inside. And the other thing is – when are you gonna take that sweatshirt off?" Howard directed Paulina to the Sybian, but she resisted: "I dunno. It's kinda creepy." Paulina's dad, John, came in to inspect the Sybian: "I'm alright with this. This is not a big deal." Howard then told John to leave: "She's never gonna have an orgasm when you're here." Paulina then jumped on the Sybian (which didn't do the trick) and was distressed by Gary's beekeeper mask ("That's creepy.") but when he took it off, she insisted he put it back on: "No-no, you're right. Keep it on!"
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