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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Worlds strongest naked woman compete on the howard stern show

THE WORLD'S STRONGEST NAKED WOMAN Howard welcomed Anju, Sarah and Jade – the contestants for The World's Strongest Naked Woman contest – and celebrated their lack of attire: "Whoa! You're hot! And naked!" Sarah told Howard that both she and Anju had also been contestant's on Vh1's “My Antonio,” but weren't able to get along because Anju was "too ghetto." Anju bristled: "You don't know Howard. She wants to see ghetto? I'll show you ghetto, bitch." Sarah just kept giggling. Howard asked the third contestant, Jade, to stand between the other two and pick a side. Jade pointed to Anju: "At least she makes a point. Sarah just giggled." Anju said she worked as a dominatrix, laughing that a lawyer once paid her to watch him shove kosher hotdogs up his ass. Jade said she also used to work as a dominatrix, until a client became obsessed with her, shot and killed her boyfriend, kidnapped her, and ended up killing himself. Howard asked how she survived the ordeal, and Jade shrugged: "I just said, 'Do it. I don't care.'" ...WAS ONCE A PH.D CANDIDATE Howard was impressed with Jade, noting that she was pursuing her Ph.D in engineering at the University of Pennsylvania – until she quit to work in the adult industry: "You're a brilliant girl, aren't you? Jade replied: "Yes but I have other interests." Howard then had the girls do push-ups to test their strength. Anju did 3 and Jade did 10. Sarah couldn't do any. In the next round, Jade and Anju were both able to do two pull-up while Sarah came up empty again. Howard then announced that Jade Vixen was now the World’s Strongest Naked Woman.
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