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Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Howard TV - Dominique Pictures

Miss Howard TV - Dominique MISS HOWARDTV OCTOBER Howard welcomed Dominique DiCaprio, Miss HowardTV October, to the studio and reported that her breasts were real. Dominique said she was a dance teacher who couldn't keep a man – even though she would greet her boyfriends naked when they got home from work: "[They] say, 'I've got to go to the gym.'" Artie thought there was only one true get-out-of-sex excuse: "I'm busy being gay." Dominique said she was into some really freaky sex, like “golden showers” (only in the shower though) and anal sex: "But only with a boyfriend...I have to make them do it sometimes." She's also in to girls (although, to date, she hasn’t gone past making out with them): "Girls that look like Kim Kardashian or something. Girls that look like me." Howard was impressed – he couldn't figure out why any guy would leave Dominique. Dominique couldn't either, saying she just wanted to be her guy's "personal sex kitten." THE CREW SEEKS THE TRUTH Mike Gange came in insisting Dominique's boobs were fake: "They're too big to be real and they didn’t bounce right." To vindicate herself, Dominique let Gange “test” her rack, and he laughed: "There's so an implant right here!" Ronnie the Limo Driver then came in to add his expert advice – and thought Gange was full of shit: "They're real. There's no bag there, Gange." Will then came in to offer his opinion: "I feel something in there. I'm not sure what it is." Scott DePace settled it though when his thorough examination revealed that one breast was larger than the other – therefore they must be real. Dominique told the crew she loved to be choked during sex: "To the point where I [once] almost blacked out. I think I turned purple." But even freakier was her desire to use a strap-on on a dude: "I actually wanna give it to a guy." Artie was not interested: "You're in the wrong room, sweetie." Howard was blown way: "You really are Miss HowardTV." Artie thought another “test” was in order: "Some of those guys in the back don't think you're vagina's real." Pics from howard
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