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Monday, June 1, 2009

Stutterers Face Off ?

THE STUTTERERS FACE-OFF Howard welcomed John the Stutterer and the newly anointed, High Register Sean, to the studio to promote their political face-off special - tonight on Howard101 at 7pm ET. John said Steve Langford would be moderating the debate and Sean hoped he could bring some "ca-ca-caaahmedy" to the show. John took exception, as he usually closes the show with some hilariously sick tirades: "I sprinkle in some vile sexual humor at the end of the show. I always have...I prefer to work alone." John then filibustered his way through a brief exchange on illegal immigration as Sean struggled to take a "sta-sta-staaahnd," later remarking that he tended to agree with Fox News' "fair and ba-ba-baaahlanced" reports. At one point, John turned his attention to Robin, citing her as the most beautiful woman in the world: "I hope Robin's not offended by this, but I would love to lick, suck, kiss and smell her..." (You get the picture). WHY JOHN THE STUTTERER CAN'T GET LAID Asked to speculate on why John can't get laid, Sean said: "He's unchar-char--chaaahrasmatic for one thing...he doesn't listen." John replied: "I'm living at home with my parents. I just want to roll up in a ball and die. I'm a loner, man. I'm a rebel without a cause...I feel that my place in life is to pay for sex. I'm a loser, man."
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