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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stern Welcomes Taya Parker

Howard welcomed Taya Parker, the Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2009, and porn star/Penthouse Pet of the Month Teagan Presley. Howard told Teagan she was too hot to be a porn star and asked Taya how she was discovered. Taya said she started as an exotic dancer and eventually sent some pictures into Penthouse. Both girls said they were into anal sex, which led Howard to speculate that men would be happier with uninhibited girls like them. Teagan said he was right: "[They're] less likely to stray." Teagan told the crew that she was really into rough sex, including slapping and hair-pulling - she doesn't even like foreplay. Howard asked if she could orgasm without any foreplay, and Teagan reported that she could: "I once set a record. 23 orgasms in one session...I was tired." Howard then turned to Taya and asked if she gave private dances, she said she used to, but now she just usually does burlesque-type performances. JD ENJOYS A STRIPPER TRICK Taya wanted to show the crew her special lapdance "trick," so JD came in and sat down while Taya did a handstand and arched her back so her crotch was in his face. Howard didn't even know how to describe the stunt, so Teagan stepped in: "It's a back bend with her pussy in his face." JD was a fan of the trick: "She's a got a great ass. I loved it in my face." Taya then said she once danced for a guy and he had an "accident" in less than 15 seconds. Howard asked if Taya had ever danced for any celebrities, so she listed Kid Rock, Pam Anderson and Harrison Ford. Taya said Kid and Pam were fun but when she and some friends danced for Harrison Ford, he was kind of mean to them. Howard wondered if the girls were popular in high school, but Teagan denied it, saying she moved around too much to have many friends.
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