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Sunday, December 14, 2008


GARY AND ARTIE AIR THEIR DIFFERENCES ARE ARTIE'S LIES GOOD FOR THE SHOW? Artie opened the show speculating that his "lie-and-then-confess-later method" of dealing with the truth actually benefits the show. Howard thought the argument was hilarious, but Robin insisted that Artie's lies had flagged a deeper issue. Howard then played a clip of Brad Garrett during his last visit correctly guessing that Artie had stopped going to therapy and Artie lying in response: "I go Tuesdays and Thursdays...I will be there tomorrow." Artie speculated that Gary's comments on the issue (on yesterday's Wrap-Up Show) were indicative of an underlying resentment. Gary came in to laugh that, not only was the theory not true, but he thought the opposite was more likely the case – Artie resented him. Gary added that he felt betrayed by Artie's dishonesty, but Artie argued that it was like he had slept with Gary's wife: "I'm too honest. That's the problem. You people shouldn't even know that I'm in therapy [in the first place]." Artie did admit that he has lied in the past: "I've had girls that I told I've never been with whores." Gary said he thought Artie started to resent him after seeing one of his paychecks, but Artie laughed that off: "I can't even believe that's what you said. That's not even on my mind." Gary ignored Artie's protests, saying he still thought the incident was an issue: "You thought it was too much." Howard laughed: "I think it's too much." Lisa G came in to say that Artie tried to show her Gary's paycheck at his birthday party, but Artie claimed he was just joking. Howard asked Lisa if she was still upset with Artie, and Lisa said she went through her file of Artie quotes yesterday: "We're not gonna have a good ending...I don't feel good about this." Artie told Lisa, "That's crazy. You're a nutto...I'm gonna bang you, but I'm worried. 'Cause you're crazy." Jason came in to confirm Lisa's story: "You had the check out and you were showing it around the party." Artie said, "I don't deny that I told people about getting the check [by mistake]. I had a couple drinks. But I didn’t even have it with me at the party, I was joking."
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