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Monday, November 3, 2008

Eric The Midget Visit The Howard Stern Show For The First Time !

ERIC MEETS DIANA DEGARMO Howard triumphantly welcomed Eric's favorite American Idol contestant, Diana DeGarmo into the studio! Artie was stunned: "Is that really her?" Howard asked Diana if Eric's constant calls to her mom's home scared her, and Diana explained: "Calling my mother's house was interesting, but my number was unlisted - and hers is no longer...It's a little weird to have someone you've never met before call the house." Eric then asked Diana if she'd like to "continue seeing-meeting with each other" and she replied, "Yeah, at the shows." Robin told Diana that Eric wanted to see her more than just at her concerts, but Artie thought Eric would have a better chance of f’ing Ruben Studdard. Diana agreed, saying her boyfriend would have a problem with that. KURT ANGLE MAKES A GREAT WINGMAN TNA wrestler Kurt Angle also stopped by to say hi to Eric and said that Howard inspired his move to help build TNA into the WWE's main professional wrestling competitor: "It's been a growing experience and it's getting bigger and better." Kurt then told Eric not to blow his big chance to profess his love to Diana: "You have to ask her. You have to have the balls to ask her...I'm gonna make you an honorary member of The Main Event Mafia and as an honorary member, you have to go for the 'P.'" Eric eventually broke down and turned to Diana: "I was wondering, the next time you're out in California, would you like to meet for dinner?" Diana said she'd think about it: "That's not a no! If I do, I'll hit you up on MySpace." Kurt was bummed and offered Eric something better: "You know what? You can f’ me." Eric refused: "No. You're a guy." Natalie Maines then asked the Bunny Ranch girls how long they were with Eric, and they reported that the love-making session lasted two hours.
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