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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bam"s Best Friend Novack Tosses Richards Salad !

NOVAK TOSSES RICHARD’S SALAD Novak told the crew that he'd do pretty much anything for cash - even gay sex acts: "I'll take one pump for $250." Howard decided that Novak should lick Richard's taint, so Richard came in and dropped trou’ ("I'm worried.") and Novak spat out his gum, setting his own agenda: "C'mere, gimme that asshole!" Everyone screamed their reaction as Brandon tongued Richard, who resisted until Brandon told him to submit: "Don't make this rape turn into a murder, boy!" After the tongue lashing, Richard said it felt like "someone shoving a wet piece of toilet paper up my bunghole." NOVAK WILL DO (ALMOST) ANYTHING FOR $ Gary then came in to say Sal had a big juicy hemorrhoid and might let Novak lick it. Sal disputed the story, saying he'd only do the stunt if the prize money was sweetened: "If you make it a grand, I'll do it." Sal then turned around and bent over to show the crew what they were paying for. Howard was disgusted by "something hanging there," and Artie thought it looked like Sal was shitting out an eyeball. Even Novak refused to suck the inflamed 'rhoid and Howard thanked him, remarking that he was scared of the health risks involved. A BAM STYLE THREESOME: TWO GUYS, ONE CHICK Bam noted that he once tried to have a threesome with Missy and another guy (the lead singer of the rock group H.I.M.), but Missy had turned them down. Bam admitted that it would've been a little awkward - in the morning: "It would've been fun, but the next day when I woke up..." Missy agreed, saying she didn't even consider it. Howard then plugged HowardTV's "The Most Outrageous Stern Show Moments of 2008," which will be hosted by Bam, and declared that Novak tonguing Richard's butthole was sure to be number one.
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