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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Howard Stern has a dream job offer ?

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Howard Stern may or may not renew his lucrative contract with SiriusXM at the end of the year, but he will apparently have plenty of other opportunities to consider.
In fact, Stern said on his radio show Monday that a massive job offer recently fell into his lap.

"My agent called me with an opportunity that is so mind-blowing -- like, it would be the dream job of all time for me," Stern said.
He didn't divulge any specifics about the opportunity, though he joked that he had been offered a gig on the embattled E! program, "Fashion Police."
Stern's uncertain future with the satellite radio company has drawn increased attention following a Bloomberg Businessweek profile published earlier this month.
In the profile, Sirius CEO Jim Meyer made it clear that he wants to renew Stern's contract, which will expire in December.
"I want Howard Stern for as long as Howard Stern wants to work," Meyer told Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Felix Gillette. "I'm only willing to pay so much." He said. "I know what that number is. But even if I was in an al-Qaeda death camp, no one is going to know what that number is but me."

by CNNMoney
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