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Monday, August 25, 2014

CNN quake report punked by #CaptainJanks: It came from 'from Howard Stern's b...

Please RT & ShaCNN on Sunday failed to check the credentials of someone who said he was a San Francisco Police Department official, and then said that the recent earthquake was a “rumbling from Howard Stern’s butt crack.”
Just hours after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocked the Napa Valley region of California, a CNN host introduced someone named “Adam Sure” as the “PIO of the San Francisco police.”
“Adam, what kind of calls are you getting right now?” the host wondered. “Any damage? Any injuries?”
“Yes, because of the early morning, most people were home when it occurred,” the alleged police official remarked. “And what we believe is that this was a rumbling from Howard Stern’s butt crack.”re w/ fellow Howard Stern Fans . Help support Blog Shop @ Amazon Click above on Amazon Links . THX
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