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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

‪#‎Howard‬ 100 and 101 hear Beetlejuice and Gary battle of wits . #Sternthology

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Today on ‪#‎Howard‬ 100 and 101 hear Beetlejuice and Gary the Slow Adult face off in a battle of wits. Think you have what it takes to challenge them?
Well did you know that R-E-D spells Lester? Didn't think so... ‪#‎MammaryLane‬

Here are your #Sternthology connections for today -- 5:00 pm EST on Howard 101 Thanksgiving at the Christys' Farm – This morning, you heard Richard’s story about the two portly women at the Pizza Hut Buffet in Kansas. Now, hear Shuli’s report after he embedded himself at the Christys' Thanksgiving. (11-28-05) Chris Rock – Listen to Chris Rock’s first appearance after Howard announced he was marrying Beth. This brought Chris’s legendary line, “You’re going back to Shawshank?!” (3-14-07) Sam Cheated on Malika With Her Sister – Our late friend, Sam Kinison, believed in always living life to the fullest. That was true for his comedy, his partying, and even his women. Hear him talk about cheating on his future wife with her sister. (7-1-91) Music of The Howard Stern Show – Billy Preston “That’s The Way God Planned It” (8-20-91)
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