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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maria Menounos shows off naked bottom at beach ? See Pic ? Visits Howard Stern !

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Maria Menounos stopped by the show this morning and this time, instead of just bringing her longtime boyfriend Keven, she brought along her parents well.
Her mom was too shy to come inside the studio, but her dad, Costas, was much more willing and open to sharing with Howard.
While the interview began in the usual way – with Howard talking to Maria’s boyfriend Keven while Maria shrieks ‘HONEY!’ and ‘NO-AH!’ and ‘HOWARD!’, it quickly was brought to the next level, when Keven mentioned that he has heard Maria’s parents having sex.

As for the rumors that she and co-host Mario Lopez don’t get along, Maria also said that was bullshit, they like each other a lot.
Since Maria is always comfortable sharing every detail of her life, we have no choice but to believe her.
Maria also told of her horror at the Birthday Bash, when Johnny Knoxville stole her phone and started texting her celebrity contacts. According to Maria, he texted Wilmer Valderama the most 'nastiest racist comments' which doesn't sound like the Johnny we know.
Anyway, check out all the Menounouses in ‘Chasing Maria Menounos’ on Oxygen.

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