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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dr. David Agus is one of the men who saved news icon Robin Quivers’ life / David Arquette Gives a Short Tour of the Stern Show Compound

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World-famous Super Newswoman Robin Ophelia Quivers won an NAACP Image Award for her book, the Vegucation of Robin and Howard was over the moon.

Like Woody Allen or Marlon Brando, Robin was too cool to go collect the award herself, but she did bask in the adulation of being one of the most powerful black people in the world this morning.

Howard suggested Robin wear her award as necklace like Flavor Flav or make it into a large hood ornament. And he marveled that there’s finally an NAACP Image Award winner who admitted to shitting her pants in public.

All in all, it was well-deserved. Robin was glowing with pride and promised to deliver a proper acceptance speech. Howard pointed out that Oprah didn’t win an NAACP this year, so for at least a year, Robin is more powerful than Oprah.


Scott - either about to start his first round or after three straight days of bowling. Doesn't matter, he always looks the same


Scott Salem doesn’t have a lot going on – when he quit smoking, his life was reduced to only engineering and bowling.

He is so passionate about bowling that he famously tried to get a few frames in on 9/11, but the rest of his league stayed home with their families, nobody told Scott.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the thousands of hours Scott has spent bowling have made him all that good. He recently competed in the PBA tournament and bowled poorly, sometimes as low as a 117, and coming out with a final ranking of 443 out 468 bowlers.

He tried to blame it on conditions and ‘oil patterns’ on the lane (if you thought Scott was dull before, listen to him talk about oil patterns).

Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar challenged Scott to a contest and Scott immediately wanted to bet him $5,000 that the baldest man (Scott) would win. If Scott lost, he’d have to borrow the money to pay Shuli, but Scott was confident. Howard thought that was typical Scott Salem finance – bet money you don’t have.

Finally, it was settled that a bunch of guys from the show – Gary, Jon Hein, JD, and Shuli would all throw in $500 and the winner would take the pot.

We’ll see how it goes, but let’s just say Scott doesn’t have the greatest luck.

Bonus Scott!

ESPN sat Scott in the first row of the PBA Final Round on Sunday and his mug made it all over TV! Fans sent us their screen shots, see our Facebook gallery below - #FrontRowScott!



Actor, Club owner and occasional Stern Show Celebrity Intern David Arquette stopped by today to promote his new Lifetime movie ‘The Happy Face Killer.’

He came in smelling of vanilla cologne and wanted to talk more about his profound new idea, ‘The Kindness Game’ - which he called up drunk to discuss a few months ago – along with fatherhood, Robin Quivers, and Courteney Cox.

Here are the highlights of David’s interview:

* David drunkenly sort-of revealed that his girlfriend, Christina Mclarty was pregnant when he called into the show in 2013, and it’s still true. The couple are expecting a baby boy and, contrary to a report Howard read in the Globe, did not buy a ‘baby jacuzzi’.

* David seemed a little jealous that Howard was in Mexico hanging out with his ex-wife Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston over the holiday break, because he understood that it was probably a blast.

* David continued to flirt with Robin Quivers – the two famously kissed, it was revealed last year. David went further than ever, exclaiming ‘I want to drink your titty juice!’

* David is back to drinking, but tries to stick to beer, wine and champagne (like our own Richard Christy). ‘I'm an alcoholic,’ David said. ‘I'm a drug addict crazy mad man.’

* David told Eric the Actor that he wants to hang out in LA, promising to get the little handicapped hellion laid. David even admitted that he would have sex with a female Eric the Actor, which we’ve never heard before from anyone who want being paid.

* David once again spoke about his wish that people were nicer to each other – something he calls ‘The Kindness Game’. He wants everyone to know that we’re all equal, celebrities are no better than commoners. Howard asked if his club, Bootsy Bellows (named after his mother’s burlesque alter-ego) had a VIP room. David reluctantly admitted that it did. David realized that the separation of VIPs from commoners does make him a part of the problem, but he will fight on anyway.

* Also, for some reason, David asked the media that he be quoted saying the following: ‘God is at least half a f*cking woman, bitches.’

Check out David’s new TV Movie ‘The Happy Face Killer’ on Lifetime.


Thanks to Superfan David Arquette for giving a quick fan tour of Stern Show compound
Dr. David Agus is one of the men who saved news icon Robin Quivers’ life last year as she battled cancer, so he’ll always be a hero to Howard.

He called in this morning to promote his book ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life’, which Howard and Robin both loved.

While Dr. Agus’s plan for a long, healthy life is almost the way Howard lives to a T, the one tip the good doctor gives that isn’t in Howard’s routine is baby aspirin. Dr. Agus claims it will drastically reduce all kinds of medical problems in the long term – cancer, heart disease, etc.

What Howard really wanted to get into was Robin’s attempts to ‘detox’ through crazy experiments like enemas, ayahuasca in Peru, juicing. Dr. Agus’s reply was that there is no data that says any of these things improve your health, but there also isn’t any evidence that, as Howard alleged, any of this caused Robin’s cancer.

He did point out that Robin likes to argue with facts, which is rare for a newswoman.

Stern Show writer Sal Governale also goes to weird extents to get healthy, and his newest obsession is vitamins. The doctor thought Sal’s regimen was nonsense and pointed out that it is damaging his liver. Sal said he’d been experiencing bloating in his liver and gallbladder area, and now he knows why.

Sal's Vitamin Bag

Other tips from the doc include wearing your seat belt, brushing your teeth, washing your bed sheets once a week for better sleep, and eat fish three times per week.

Dr. Agus has also helped two of Howard’s heroes, Steve Jobs, who taught Dr. Agus how to dress, and Neil Young, who refers to Dr. Agus as his ‘mechanic’ and goes to him for general check-ups.

Check out Dr. Agus’s book ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life’ and live exactly like Howard does
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