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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers

Richard Christy in Anthony Weiner mask, recreating time well spent with Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers gives a tell-all interview about sexting and having phone sex with Anthony Weiner



The girl who is in every newspaper this morning, Anthony Weiner’s sext partner, Sydney Leathers stopped by this morning to tell the full, erect story of her relationship with the twice-disgraced mayoral candidate.

After pushing her way through the throng of news outlets waiting for her on the street, she calmly sat with Howard and began her story.

She claimed she sent Weiner a message after his first scandal – where he tweeted out photos of himself shirtless and erect – expressing how disappointed she was in him and how much she had admired him as a politician.

Weiner wrote back. Actually, being the Cassanova that he is, he “poked” her on Facebook a year later.

The two started talking and Sydney, who was admittedly infatuated with Weiner, got the idea to try to push the conversation as far as it could go, and Weiner just dove right in.

The pictures started flying back and forth – his c*ck, her ass. He’d name the different penis pics he sent- romantic titles like “For Syd” and “Hanging.”

It wasn’t just text and photos, they also had phone sex. She’d talk about his big c*ck and how sexy she found his policy and speeches. He’d cum quickly and loudly, always saying “Thank you” when he was finished. Sydney admitted that she occasionally masturbated with a vibrator during their phone encounters.

Sydney claimed that Weiner was so obsessed with the idea of sex in the shower that he’d dream about it and call her up in morning to recount the fantasy and jerk off.

After he’d finish and hang up, he’d call back about an hour later and do it all over again. According to Sydney, he was good for about five times per day. “He was this needy little bitch, apparently."

Howard pointed out that Weiner could have easily been the victim of a Catfish type of thing, where a person is misled that he’s talking to an attractive girl when it’s really a dude. Sydney agreed that it was possible because they never actually met.

But why come forward?

“What pissed me off,” Sydney said, “was him on the campaign trail saying ‘I’ve changed’ and trying to act like he has this perfect marriage now. Bullshit. I’m proof you haven’t changed.”

So she released the photos – anonymously at first, but once her identity was uncovered, she informed her parents and now she’s considering porn!

In fact, right after her interview with Howard, she was on her way to a fun photo shoot in front of Anthony and Huma’s house and then hitting the recording studio with the “producer” who recorded Tan Mom’s song to cut a track called “Weinerizer”.

This ain’t JFK and Marilyn Monroe.

The bottom line is Sydney doesn’t feel bad about kissing a telling, even if it ruins Weiner’s political career. “How are you gonna be mayor of New York City if you’re cumming like five times a day?”
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