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Thursday, March 14, 2013

JENNY MCCARTHY visits howard stern show

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Jenny McCarthy stopped by to promote her new Vh1 talk show, chiding Gary for double-booking her and Jewel last month--and for giving Jewel the spot: “How ‘bout the one who talks about swallowing cock should come on here first?” Gary repeated that Jenny has a place nearby, and Jewel was only in town for the day: “Did I send you beautiful flowers? Did I text you a thousand times?”


Asked about her recent spate of failed relationships (most notably with Jim Carrey and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher), Jenny admitted she often let them go on too long: “I need to learn how to date quickly and see what different guys are out there and figure out what I want.”

Her relationship with Brian slowly turned into a friendship: “The sex was pretty great but the conversations kind of turned into buddy conversations.” With Jim, she was too focused on ‘healing’ her son: “I was so into autism, I couldn’t see what was in front of me.”


Jenny said she was now looking for sex and support: “Be my cheerleader and bang me like crazy and I’ll marry you.” (And--at minimum--a $500,000 annual income.) The lucky fellow will get quite a show: “Let’s talk about my new ability to squirt. … You’re not orgasming during that time but it feels good. And it’s visually insane.” And the ultimate companion: “‘First time anal’ is what I search [on YouPorn]. Because it looks like they’re in pain, which is fun.”

In the bedroom Jenny said she loved it when men enter her from behind and “hold the elbows and just go off.” She hates it when they take hair-growth medication: “Propecia is causing ED. … Give me a bald guy with a hard dick. Do not give me a hairy guy with a mostaccioli dick.” But right now, anything will do: “My vagina is yodeling for [sex]. … Sometimes I masturbate 5 times in one day.”

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