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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tracy Morgan -"Everyone goes through they ups & they downs in life; nobody is immune to that." ~Real TracyMorgan #H100

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"If he created anything better than he's keeping it for himself." ~ @RealTracyMorgan on God #H100 Tracy Morgan is Top Comedian! There I Said It! What? WATCH: Tracy Morgan Saved Us From The Fiscal Cliff

You can thank Tracy Morgan for preventing us from going over the now ubiquitous "fiscal cliff," according to him that is. Morgan cracked up David Letterman on Friday night when he took credit for Fiscal cliff “I was at the U.N. all night crunching numbers,” Jordan told David Letterman during an appearance on the Late Show Friday Morgan said he used an old-time adding machine and a pencil to make all the numbers add up. He also said he was was relieved the crisis was over, because it had given his cousin license to mooch.

“My cousin Fred isn’t going to call me and ask for more money,” Morgan said. “He thought it was a reason to ask for money. ‘Can I borrow $300? There’s a fiscal cliff out there!'”

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