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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miss howard tv Britney Shannon for the month of August


Britney Shannon, Miss HowardTV for the month of August, stopped by to meet the crew, disputing Howard’s claim that “Ronnie found her”: “I actually found Ronnie...on Twitter.” Britney said she’d sent Ronnie--via Twitter--a picture of her ass, but Twitter removed the photo when they noticed you could see a little more than buttcheeks: “They freaked out [and] suspended my account so I had to start a new one.”
Britney said she also ignored the conventional bounds of marriage, keeping a girlfriend on the side: “It was just something I decided to do. We talked about it before. Like, I was always doing stuff like that.” Britney, Britney’s eponymous girlfriend, then came in to say she’ll even have sex in front of--but not with--Britney’s husband: “We’re all in it together...he’s with Shannon, I’m with Shannon. We make it work.”
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