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Monday, April 25, 2011

Robin Visits Peru ... Listen free here howard stern show


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Robin said she’d gone a big trip as well--to a spartan retreat in Peru: “I went to a retreat in the Sacred Valley and I had to stay in silence the whole time. I was hardly talking. And, like I said, sleeping on a mattress on the floor.” After Robin revealed that she’d also taken a high-powered hallucinogen known as ahuascAya, Howard wondered what was really going on. Robin insisted it was an innocent experiment (“It’s a tea! It’s a plant!”) but Howard thought she’d found a gateway--to drugs: “Marijuana is a plant.”

Robin confessed that she drank the Ayahuasca to learn more about herself: “I had been suffering from some depression lately.” The tea was administered by a professional--a man Robin called Master: “He’s a master. He’s revered there.” Howard thought the reverence of the locals should be taken with a grain of salt: “Master hasn’t shit in [real] plumbing his whole life.”


Late at night, Master read Robin’s future by scattering coca leaves and, as she chewed one of said leaves, began brewing the trippy tea: “You have to wear a lot of clothes because you get cold when you takePeru Ayahuasca...they brew it on the full moon.” It took two full doses to trigger the drug--and, with it, Robin’s stomach: “10 minutes later, I’m as sick as a dog. I start throwing up so violently that I start farting.”

After you throw up, you lay down: “And you start to have visions...I started to see all of the misery of the world, and Howard, I cried. Probably for about four hours. Non-stop. I mean, like, weeping.” Robin ended up drinking Ayahuasca tea three times--it was only on the third trip that “I got beyond colors and really started to have an incredible conversation with myself...I learned that life was great except for all the stuff that sucks.”


After Robin cited the “stuff that sucks” as society and its expectations, Howard told her to come to him before engaging in narco-tourism next time--he could’ve told her the same in seconds: “You’re officially out of your mind...the body isn’t meant to vomit like that.” Robin said she’d accomplished what she set out to do, but Howard thought she’d only managed to generate fodder for the show: “This sounds a lot like when you were in the witches coven.”

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