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Saturday, August 1, 2009

George test my balls ?

GEORGE & THE CREW PLAY GUESS THE TESTICLES Howard started off the show with a game called, Guess the Testicle, in which Richard, Sal and Benjy all step behind a curtain and shove one of their balls through a hole. The crew would then try to match each sack with its owner. As the guys got ready, George laughed: "Let me put my glasses on." Howard noted that #2 had the biggest balls and #1 the smallest. Robin was repulsed by the sight: "Oh my god!" George guessed that sack #1 was Richard, #3 was Benjy and #2 was Sal. Robin agreed that Richard had to be #1, but thought Benjy was #2. Artie sided with Robin, referencing The Gossip Game: "The fake story is...I'm enjoying this." Howard struggled, finally guessing the order went Benjy, Richard and then Sal: "I've seen their dicks so often, I thought it'd be a no-brainer." The guys then stepped out to reveal themselves: #1 was Richard. #2 was Benjy. #3, of course, was Sal. Later George complained: "I would've preferred to have seen the whole thing."
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