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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MISS HOWARD STERN IS RECOVERING & Sal & Richard new prank !

MISS HOWARD STERN IS RECOVERING Howard played a voicemail from Miss Howard Stern who was recently injured in a car accident, but it was unintelligible. Andrea's sister, Brandi, called in to report that Andrea was recovering well: "She's ok. She's doing a lot better than expected." Howard explained that Andrea was on her way home late one night when she slammed her convertible into a telephone pole at 60mph and was ejected from the car, landing on her head - Andrea now has a steel plate in her skull. Brandi said Andrea didn't have all her memory back yet: "I think you can probably speak with her pretty soon. She's doing pretty good. She's home now." Howard asked if Andrea lost any intelligence, and Brandi laughed: "I don't know yet." Robin was shocked: "That's amazing. To be ejected from a car and survive like that? Sal inserted a microphone into his penis' pouch and slid it into the holder atop a microphone stand, reporting: "It feels good. It's the first time my penis has been in anything in years. It feels good to be in a canal of some sort." Richard then sang 'Old Macdonald' into Sal's penis until having to retreat after Sal tried to force his head closer: "Sal's the gay one for doing that." Richard agreed to sing another song but demanded that Sal stay still: "Every time he dances, his cock goes into my mouth a little bit." After the first line of 'Here Comes the Sun,' Will shoved Richard so his mouth smacked into Sal's cock and the studio exploded with laughter. Richard could be heard spitting on the studio floor as Artie enthused: "It was like a prison rape!" Richard tried to play it down: "It touched my top lip, actually. And my bottom lip...[Sal]'s the gay one. He keeps knocking his dick into my mouth."
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