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Friday, January 30, 2009

Gary"s Home Theater Pic !

GARY’S HOME THEATER TAKES OVER THE SHOW GARY’S STOOL PROBLEM Gary told the crew that he was having some people over to watch the Super Bowl in his home theater, but Howard thought it was weird that Gary planned on entertaining during a game he wanted to watch (and giving up all the good seats to his guests). Gary quickly became annoyed with Howard's criticism: "Everybody's got an opinion." A caller came to Gary's defense, so Howard explained his issue was more general: "He just does everything wrong." GARY FILIBUSTERS Gary slipped and said he stood behind the decision, and Howard seized the opportunity: "You're right. You will be standing." Gary admitted that there were 8 "comfy" chairs and 3 stools at the bar in the back of the room. Adding that he and his wife would probably be on the stools (with Sal: "So I can keep an eye on him."), and the guests Mary invited would get the comfy chairs. Gary quipped that the guys in the back always wonder who Howard’s “wheel” would land on on the days there were no guests on the show: today was Gary’s turn. Howard looked at pictures of Gary's home theater and asked if Gary got paid for allowing it to be photographed. Gary refused to answer and repeatedly yelled "LALALALALA" over the crew's questions/discussion on the topic. Everyone cracked up over Gary's behavior and added that Gary made a mistake by allowing Sound & Vision magazine to publish both pictures and floor-plan of his home.
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