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Monday, July 28, 2008

Robin Dumped ???

NEWSFLASH: ROBIN & JIM ARE OFFICIALLY OVER Robin revealed that she and Jim broke up over the weekend: “I guess we wore out.” Howard didn't believe it, because Robin was so into Jim, leading Robin to explain that Jim broke up with her: “We hit a patch there a couple months ago and I guess we're not gonna get through it.” Howard asked if Robin was ever in love with Jim at any point, but Robin still refused to say: “I think very highly of Jim.” Robin continued, saying they had a talk and then some time to think and decided that the relationship was over: “It just happened yesterday.” Ralph called in to ask if Jim could be booked on the show for tomorrow morning, but Robin resisted: “I don't think that so much...Maybe in a year.” Shuli, Jim's close friend, came in to say he was happy to hear of the break-up, as he could now tell stories about Jim's farts without Robin getting angry. Greg asked how weird it was that Jim was probably listening right now, and Robin confessed that she hated the idea. Howard wondered if she regretted “giving herself” to Jim, and Robin admitted she did: “Yes. Not because of who he is as a person. But because of who he is on the show...He has too much information.”
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